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This Easter the best Easter Eggs are at Babushkas

Well it’s Easter time again and we have our cardboard eggs from Germany again as well as some Polish wooden pisanki. So make sure you visit us before Easter, Good Friday this year is on the 25th March!

New Vyatka stock

The new delivery has arrived from Vyatka in Russia and we should have it in our Melbourne story by friday.




Christmassing up our Royal Arcade shop

Stairs in Royal Arcade storeWe’re starting to Xmas up our shop in the Royal. So come on in and be the first to buy a xmas decoration this season.

German Easter eggs

There are some new cardboard Easter Eggs in the shops from Germany.


New stock just arrived

New marionettes and Semenyov dolls have arrived and should be in shops by Tuesday/Wednesday.

New Stock

Well the Czech Marionettes are in the shops now and we’ve just received a new delivery of traditional Matryoshka from Russia which is making it into the shops over the next few days. Shortly we’ll receive some more Marionettes from Germany and France.

Czech Marionettes

The Czech Marionettes were caught with pinecones in their pockets by Australian Customs/Quarantine so they’re taking sometime to arrive in the shops.

Czech Marionettes

Some of the Czech Marionettes that we have coming from Prague. They should be in the shops by the end of February.

European products

A small sampling of some of the new products we’ll have in the stores this year, from the Nuremberg Toy Show, the Frankfurt Xmas Show and a short trip to Poland. We will be getting some Marionettes from the Czech republic as well.

A website update

We’ve added some more stock to our website from one of our favourite suppliers from Kirov in Russia. These are the dolls that have had a reduction in their price due to the Australian dollar and suppliers price reductions. These are a very popular line.

Here they are on our webpage

And here are some pictures of a few of the products from this company;